22 noiembrie 2020

The Alpha Trump Wolf and the Democratic Hood

In childhood, to understand the world we live in, our parents first teach us separate words, then simple sentences, then move on to more complicated things, as we blow out more candles on the birthday cake. When we reach the age when we must have a minimum of discernment to distinguish good from evil, we are told stories, in which some characters are good and others bad. Most of the time, in order to transmit to the children a state of optimism and confidence in life, in stories the positive character almost always defeats the negative one and restores the universal harmony. Rarely does a story show things in their cruel reality, that evil wins most of the time, and children are seldom told that the evil one wins precisely because he has no processes of conscience and is not aware of the evil he is doing.
Many people then fail in mature life to overcome this simple, schematic, childish thinking, in which the world is divided into good people and bad people, this scheme then extrapolating to all the concepts that man comes in contact with throughout life. Religions are good or bad, mine being the best, of course, peoples are good and bad, the people I belong to are the best, obviously the human races are good or bad, and so on and so forth.  No place for shades of gray or other colors in the composition of the world picture.

Donald Trump, a businessman who was tired
 of seeing how politicians destroy his country.

One of the stories with which the generations of the last century grew up is Little Red Riding Hood. The evil character, the wolf, even if at the end of the story, through the most spectacular and painful caesarean section in history, returns to the world his grandmother and her red-haired niece, remained the most stigmatized mammal in the consciousness of the last two centuries, reaching is close to extinction of the species. Only in the last decades, observing the serious ecological imbalances that have occurred over time due to the disappearance of wolves from the ecosystem, measures have been taken to multiply them and to repopulate forests with carnivorous benefit. In the Yellowstone National Park, after the reintroduction of wolves, for 10 years, a real miracle took place: the number of deer was balanced, which had devastated all the small vegetation, shrubs appeared on the river banks, a lot of grass, many birds, beavers, erosion was reduced the soil near the watercourses and the whole ecosystem had only to gain from the introduction of the wolf.

However, the wolf continues to be in the minds of many people a bad, fierce animal, who can't wait to catch a man in the forest, wearing a red cap or black beret, to stick his fangs in the herd. The magical and reductionist thinking of childhood did not leave them even in adulthood and they continue to see the world divided into good and bad. Not in good deeds and bad deeds.
We have made this long introduction in order to understand how many of our fellow men relate to the realities of the present world and to understand even our own judgments on burning issues today.
One of these burning issues is the election of the President of the United States of America, which took place on November 3, 2020. Television and the Internet have split into two irreconcilable camps, with some claiming that former President Trump was in his first term. the embodiment of absolute evil on Earth, others claiming that he is the savior of the United States, and even of humanity, from a global dictatorship.

Trying to have a neutral position, situating ourselves outside the two categorical opinions, which leaves no room for negotiation, let us try to analyze the facts of this man, who came to decide the life of a good part of humanity, from the moment he arrived in the position of President of the United States of America.
Television and journalists have speculated every arrogance of his, every inappropriate word, every inappropriate gesture in the context, making him a misogynist, a rude man, a racist, a clown and a braggart. Here we must remember that he was for many years the host of a television show, with a very large audience, in which the role he had to play was that of arrogance and unpredictability, to keep the viewers' attention and keep them captive to the show, to do not press the remote control button to switch to another channel.
He maintained this character during the election campaigns and during his first term, precisely to draw attention to himself and not to have boring speeches, from which people leave disappointed. The boring speeches of many politicians are well known, who chew wood and at the end of rallies instead of producing enthusiasm, they produce sawdust. 

As a clown, he had, in relation to the ankylosed political class in Washington and in almost all the capitals of the world, the role that the clown at the royal court had, in the past, that of telling the king the truth in front of him. no other mortal in the court would have said it without the risk of beheading him. Obviously, the televisions told people the story of their childhood, with Trump instead of the wolf and the Democratic Party instead of Little Red Hood.
On the other hand, the few analysts who have tried to have a neutral attitude have noticed over the four years of his tenure that he has fulfilled many of his promises, generating many jobs, reducing unemployment and relocating back, in the United States, many industries that produced in Asian countries to increase their profits. Like the wolf introduced to Yellowstone Park, which has increased the number of other species in the ecosystem, Trump has generated prosperity and hope, putting the economy on track, being voted more than in 2016 by the Hispanic and African-American communities. it is concluded that it was good for the economic ecosystem of the United States.

Obviously, for the blue hood of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, for pedophiles, for international human trafficking networks, for the drug cartel, Trump was the bad wolf. For the globalist elites, gathered in Davos, Switzerland, in January this year, Trump once again played the role of the evil wolf, telling all those who shape the world for a globalist functioning that the future belongs to the patriots and not to the globalists. , telling them that, as president, he will put the United States first and not their globalist measures. For the World Health Organization, a useless bureaucratic structure that has done more harm than good, lately has also been the evil wolf, especially when it announced the withdrawal of the United States from this bureaucratic machine who chopped American citizens money.

The final conclusion would be that the man and President Trump are not nearly as bad as the television story is trying to present him, and that we need to consider, first and foremost, his achievements as president in his first term, achievements for which at least 73 million voters, if not more, elected him for a second term. He is a man, after all, whose deeds alternate, as in each of us, between good and evil. The quantification of the total good and evil he has done remains in the hands of a new Higher Court, if it exists. We must have, in this huge dispute in which mankind has engaged, a reserved attitude and analytical thinking, not a childish one, in which the wolf Trump swallows the little Hillary, along with her ex-husband, who transformed the Oval Salon, from the White House, in the Oral Salon.
The recounting of the votes we are witnessing now brings to light a sad reality, that the country to which many people around the world have run, in search of freedom, today faces election theft practices as happens in banana republics. Because the fate of these choices will depend on the path that mankind will take at the beginning of the 21st century, we can only wait and hope that the evil wolf will not be driven from Yellowstone Park.